Leviticus Chapter 24

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Commands and Actions of God:

  • God told Moses to command the Israelites to bring clear olive oil for the light of the lamps to burn continuously and that Aaron is to tend the lamps continuously as a lasting ordinance.
  • Twelve loaves of bread made from the finest flour are to be baked and stacked in two stacks of six on the gold table and incense is to be placed by each stack.  The bread is to be presented to the Lord on each Sabbath on behalf of the Israelites as a lasting covenant.
  • The bread is for Aaron and his sons to be eaten in the sanctuary as a holy part of their perpetual share of the offerings.
  • God commanded that a man who cursed the name of God be stoned by the whole assembly, and that this was the law for both native and foreign-born.
  • God commanded that anyone who takes a life of a human being is to be put to death.  Likewise, anyone who takes the life of an animal must make restitution – life for life.  Anyone who injures their neighbor, is to be injured in the same way – fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth.

For Us:

  • Keeping the lamp burning and bright is a challenge for us to do the same with our relationship with God.  We need to constantly keep our hearts turned to Him, minute by minute, day by day.
  • The bread for Aaron and his family reminds me that God will provide for our needs.  Trust in him and don’t make food an idol.
  • How can I read the passage of an eye for an eye without thinking of Jesus’ teaching on the subject in Matthew 5.  Do not seek just retribution, but turn away from the evil one and give them even more than they ask.
  • Revere the Name of God.  This can seem very hard when God’s name is used as a curse so prevalently around us.

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