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Exodus 31 God’s Spirit Creates Art, and the Sabbath

Nov 14, 2013  |  Exodus, Old Testament  |  No Comments

God Appoints Artisans to Create Items for Worship

There are times where art seems at odds with worshiping God, but in this passage, it is clear that artistic ability comes from God…

Exodus Chapter 30 Incense, Ransom Money and Anointing Oil

Nov 13, 2013  |  Exodus, Old Testament  |  No Comments

This chapter continues God’s commands specifying the physical elements of worship for the children of Israel.

The Altar of Incense

As God specifies the details of His temple, he commands the construction of…

Exodus Chapter 29 Consecration of the Priesthood

Nov 6, 2013  |  Exodus, Old Testament  |  No Comments

Why did God need priests?

God is a Holy God.  If a sinful, unprepared person approached God in the Old Testament, they died.  This is shocking, but we need to understand this. This all changed…